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Terms and Condition of using Phuket, Phuket Terms and Condition,
Phuket Terms, Terms and Condition Phuket, Terms and Condition of using Phuket

Advertising Policy of Bangkok
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Advertising Policy of

Our selection of very affordable advertising opportunities for businesses and hotel makes it easy to choose a single or combination of web page and banner ads. Many web customers can view your business on your webpage, which may make them feel more comfortable, before they contact you or stop by your establishment. If you own a hotel or Sightseeing/Excursion service , the photos of the interior and your great service may be irresistible for potential customers. It's all about exposure. That is why our customers use the internet for advertising, because the proper "Internet Exposure" brings you customers. Businesses that are serious contenders in their field all have web based information for customers to view as this shows you are professional and offer customers maximum access to your business. You can place your web address (such as: and your email address on all your business cards, stationary, advertising, etc. 

Customers often say "We already have a website". That's great, but are potential customers actually finding you on the Internet? When our customers search the Internet's most popular search engines we make sure that our website comes up on top. So, when they visit our website, they can just click to visit your webpage (where your website address is shown). We can make you an email address or insert the one you already have. The very inexpensive methods of advertising on our website are as follows: Enlist your outlet for Six Month for only 1000/-usd with enlisting in
  • Enlist your Outlet for One Year for only 1500/-usd, with enlisting in
  • Advertise your new opening Biz. to all our websites for 1000/-usd
  • Put a banner advertising in our main page of website for 2000/-usd per year, with enlisting in six
    other website of your choice.
  • Contact:-